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Girls Icon Earrings 4-Pack
$7.77$12.9540% OFF
Girls Icon Ring 4-Pack
$9.07$12.9530% OFF
Girls Heart Jewelry Set
$9.98$24.9560% OFF
Girls Cosmic Earrings 3-Pack
$5.18$12.9560% OFF
Girls Virgo Zodiac Bracelet 5-Pack
$7.98$19.9560% OFF
Girls Taurus Zodiac Bracelet 5-Pack
$7.98$19.9560% OFF
Girls Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet 5-Pack
$7.98$19.9560% OFF
Girls Sagittarius Zodiac Bracelet 5-Pack
$7.98$19.9560% OFF

Tween Jewelry

For glamming up her usual style, Sugar & Jade has fun, trendy jewelry options for class, the dance, weekend hangouts and whatever else is on the agenda!

Earrings, bracelets and rings come on their own or in multipacks, great for mixing and matching according to her mood. With options for thoughtful minimalism or going bold with stackable layers in classic metallics and pops of color, there's something for every personality!

Plus, holiday-themed styles add something special to the season, and those from our Zodiac collection, like our star sign pendant necklace, add an extra personalized touch to her looks.

Want cute jewelry picks for that special occasion or just because? Shop the full selection at Sugar & Jade!